1 - Software Development and Maintenance

Customer :cma  (Brest – FRANCE)


Activity: Support from design to implementation.

Skills: IBM Mainframe (OS-390), COBOL, CICS, DB2, JEE, JAVA, ECLIPSE, STRUTS,…

2 - Information Systems Planning, Architecture, Integration

Customer: Orange Business Services    Equant_logo_2002   (Rennes – FRANCE)

Activity: Project management assistance: functional and technical specifications, information systems planning (SOA), business services integration (EAI / ESB)

Skills: EAI / ESB (WebMethods), JEE, JAVA,…

Certification: software WebMethods-logo

Our partner : logo_wenkoo (Rabat - MOROCCO)

3- Telecom – Contact Center and Networks

Customer: Orange Business Services Equant_logo_2002(Bruxelles - BELGIUM)

Activity: Deployment of the equipment manufacturer Alcatel-Lucent’s product for:Logo_BNP_Paribas_Fortis

Skills: Contact Center and Networks, Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX 4400, Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise, IVR, CCPE, CC Std,…

Certification:alcatel_lucent_logo-1 ACSEi - ACSE

4- IT and Networks

Customers : Health professionals, Traders, ... ban

Activity : custom computers sales and installation ; networking ; software development and distribution ; hardware and software maintenance ; IT training ; Website …

Skills : Windows, Linux, CGM AxiSanté, WinDev, WinDev Mobile, Webdev, Php, Html5, Jquery, WebMarketing…

5- Business intelligence for telecommunications

Solution designed by logo_wenkoo (Rabat - MOROCCO) and used by

Maroc Telecom logo_maroc (Rabat - MOROCCO)

logo_abbsil provides this solution to telecom operator and virtual mobile operator

6- Cybersécurity

ABBSIL Cybersecurity provides:

  • Consulting support and expertise in cybersecurity: from training and awareness to security issues for your teams, plus a global support on ISO27K and PCI-DSS approaches as well as providing the most advanced cyber security issues.
  • Security procedure mechanisms and tools implementation, combining the services of our experts and innovative tools from our solution portfolio named “ABBSILSecurePlatform” We are targeting the security of your business and technical architectures, your landline and mobile line terminals, in a comprehensive approach to securing and managing business risks.
  • Turnkey solutions to support the “Secured Digital Processing” secured backup site and disaster recovery procedures, secured hosting platform, digital safe...

Very involved in telecom and networks, ABBSIL naturally turned to cyber security and offers today a center of expertise and a consistent offer of cybersecurity oriented services and products for digital transformation of businesses, especially on payment method and security of sensitive data issues

ABBSIL Cybersecurity offers assistance to companies in their computer and network security implementation, as well as securing their digital transformation: digital e-business site, secured payment systems, to prevent hacking and to protect sensitive data.

ABBSIL Cybersecurity has built a portfolio of solutions "ABBSILSecurePlatform", combining innovative solutions from international cybersecurity excellence centers and local companies related to “Britany Cyber center of excellence”.

ABBSILSecurePlatform is a catalogue for cybersecurity tools selected to cover a wide range of issues for different budgets.

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